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SB THE BRAND, LLC offers a variety of services under SB's Top Shelf Mixers and SB The Brand Everything Business below you will find detailed information on all of our services. 

Mobile Bartending Services 

Our mobile bartending covers everything from Weddings to Retirement parties, bringing a unique experience with each event. We offer a variety of packages to accommodate any event type or size. Included are customized cocktail menus that add a personal touch to any event. Having an event that won't require a full bar or bartender? Our mobile punches will do the trick! No matter your bartending needs, SB's Top Shelf Mixers will have you covered!

Notary Services

Need an important document signed? We have you covered! SB The Brand Everything Business is appointed by the state of Maryland to witness the signature(s) of very important documents. The next time you need your document to be fraud-deterrent, we would be glad to help!

Clean Juices

Business Consulting 

SB Top Shelf Mixers does more than just non-alcoholic/ alcoholic beverages, we also do clean juices! Our juices are made in house with fresh ingredients weekly for the best taste and result. Our juices help you receive your daily fruit and vegetable intake while tasting oh so good at the same time! 

SB The Brand Everything Business also does business consulting. We help business owners take control of their business through brainstorming sessions, branding walkthroughs, and operational coaching. 

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